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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  November 22, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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. >> airport security going too far? >> to have somebody hand touching your body parts. >> growing anger over pat downs and what this woman is he the tsa asked her to remove. >> travel warning tonight. stretch of road that could have a 20 mile back up open thanksgiving. >> things cool down as we near thanksgiving. chance or rain as we go into the holiday weekend and the sky watch forecast. i want to thank everybody. my mom for giving up so much for me. >> justin bieber breaks a record at the american music awards. r&b superstar he credits with his success.
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good evening. i'm jennifer. >> i'm jeff. janitor sexually assaulted in howard county. >> police say they are searching for the man responsible. michael bush live in jessup where police say the victim fought back. michael. >> good evening to you. police say that woman was jogging on this very sidewalk saturday evening around 7:00 o'clock when out of nowhere they say a man came threw her town to the ground and then sexually assaulted her. now this all happened here along castle ford drive and polices say the suspect is being described as a white or hispanic male 35 to 500years old. threw the victim down. threatenee her and then sexually assaulted her. police say the woman fought back hitting the suspect allowing her to escape her attacker. shh then used her cell phone to call police and shocking news in what people describe a a quiet neighborhood.
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>> it's very ssocking. very quiet around here. usually no problem at all. so that's very unnerving that that happened and we are very careful from now on outside alone. >> back out live we are told tonight by police that woman was treated at local hospital and has since been released. police tell us they step up papa trol in the neighborhood. this is news at 5:30. >> baltimore city police searching for the gunman who they say shot and killed a maryland correctional officer early sunday morning started when investigators say 28-year-old sharon jones shot at friend'sshouse on as ton street and police went to her home with a search warrant. when they got there of zeros say they saw blood on the door and noticed what they thought was as you wish us activity. for the fix few hours road block were set up around the neighborhood. >> i came down this way and streets blocked out of. >> our prrmary concern i to make sure the neighbor and
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area i secure it. >>reporter: after several hours authorities went natural apartment but nobody was there my believe the suspect knew in the school newspaper. jjy tonight explains the demand being made now before the student allowed back to school. joy? >> charles wedding is a student at the community college of baltimore county in katesville. student who has been cold e can not return to campus until he under goes a psychological evaluation. all as essay he wrote for one of the classes. he is reading an excerpt from it hereth. >> carolyn has a drug to me and has been since the irst time killed someone at first it was weerd and felt wrong but by of the time of the third and fourth killing it feels natural anddlike i could do it the rest of my life and makes me happy. >>reporter: he was in the army and served in iraq. he wrote about the war in his
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english class never suspecting would it get him kicked off campus. but then it was published in the school paper. administrators say they had no choice citing the masses customer at virginia tech. >> what the vvrginia tech tragedy has done is it has caused colleges across the nation to pause when they see anything that might raise a red flag. >>reporter: charles is he he was addressing the killing of terrorist in his east saa not fellow american. with that said he will undergo an evaluating tomorrow so he can return to campus. this is news at 5:30. all right joy. so here's our question of the day. i it right for ccbc to require a war vet rap to get a mental evaluation before returning to class. go to our web site and tell us what you think. facebook or tweet at box baltimore text to 45 2 03 and a for yes and b for no. and
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response may air tonight on the news at 10:00. you may see more brake lights than holiday light. we see why the city recommends we find alternate route. >> there is construction jennifer and it means major delays through the toll booth that commas i have wac back up like here and evidence as early as today. kruck at the delaware toll booth bottle neck traffic in both directions as the volume of traffic and triple a mid atlantic experts predict. there may be major back up. traffic as far away a belaire may be affected. meanwhile the slow moving traffic means less patience and more fender bender. >> he kept hitting me and i pulled over because he kept hitting me. and he said i didn't see your car. i couldn't see you. i was like what is the mat with you what do you mean you can't see me?
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>>reporter: triple a experts recommend motorist traveling north take 83 north through york and then jump on 2 22 to cut over towards philadelphia. that will get you up north towards boston and new york but it is way out of the way but at least will keep you out of the traffic. this is news at 5:30. thanks so much. as always how are the roads looking tonight. kandace has our traffic edge report. hello kandace. >> hello jeff. we are checking in on 95 and right now not too bad. 53 miles per hour through white marsh and 55 on 95 near 395. we want to talk about the belt way though. in fact let take a live look through pikesville tonight at green spring avenue and you are seeing more brake lights there than holiday lights that's for sure. inner loop lanes i jammed all the way up to the jfx. now also speaking about the inner loop direct there's a crash and farther down right between route 40 and 70 so that i cawing some problems near wilkins avenue near the flashiig activity. as for 95 item running incident free through baltimore right now up
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to 395 and eventually towards fort mchenry tunnel an accident in baltimore fremont avenue at evening street. now back w over to you. >> thank you. >> jury convict salvador immigrant of murdering washington intern leave very. samantha live in washington with more on the conviction and pro cuetor admit they didn't have all that much evidence to go on against juan so how do they get a convict? >>reporter: well, as you recall one of the reasons this case is so well known is because there washington a connect at the time between shan dra and home tile congressman gary so police were focusing on that for quite some time when they found her remains a year after she disappeared there were so much detier yaiing and very difficult to trace back to the killer. but then what sfaed was a jail house confession by this man and that's when thh case became hot again. he was just convicted today of
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murdering shondra and her mother who was in the courtroom at the time watched him closely when the verdict was read. talked to reporters about how she felt. >> no matter what my family has and a sentence the result of the verdict may be guilty but i have a life time sentence of a person missing from our family tree. >>reporter: the jury ls some% membees of the jury the spoke about how emotional this indicate was. some of them may have been from or around the washington, d.c.. area where the case was could have had and quite a bit of depth for several ears. back to you. >> it is very sad. you mention gary app connection. what role did he have in the investigation going forward. >>reporter: well back about 10 years ago shondra was reportedly having an affair with the congressman her hometown congrrssman from
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california but he was never officially a suspect in the indicate. but police were criticized later on for focusing so much attention on that religionship. a lot of potential leads that possibly could have solved the case earlier. gary did come back to washington. he testified during the trial that he really didn't want to get into any details about his relationship with miss levery. he lost the elects after the inciddnt to certaiily been a difficult time in his life as well. >> thank you live in washington tonight. hundreds of people in one maryland community have been diagnosed with cancer.% >> next why the government iing being bbamed for making residents ill. >> no reason to have somebody's hands touching your body parts. >> getting a pat down at our nation airport. what one woman is he tsa security official asked her to remove.
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>> baltimore city council is about to give approval for big new retail store ccming up why some neighbors don't want it. pa pass. >> we a saw a little bit of sunshine throughout and temperature weren't too bad getting into the 60's. kind of comfortable. but we have big change coming our way in the form of rain ann cooler temperature when that will get here and thanksgiving day forecast coming up. pa pass jeans ├▒ jeans sz.
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>> local business and labor leaders trying to fight wall mawrt. we are live at city hall where council i voting tonight on zoninggfor a new wal-mart in the city what can you tell us. >> counsel meeting right now in a few moments ago they gave approval for a new development project that will include a wal-mart in baltimore neww% remington neighborhood but the vote come with plenty of public out cries. rally was held an hour ago as the last evident to try to defeat the vote on the development project. the ggoup protesting was mostsly made up of labor union representatives upset with wal-mart ffr not offering what they say is a proper wage for workers. the group also raises concerns that wal-mart
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will put smaller independent store owners right out of business. >> everywhere wal-mart goes they under cut prices of smaller competitors. they usually survey the price in the area to figure out what is just below that so they can run tte businesses of out of business and that's how they prosper. >>reporter: now tonight at 10 we take a closer look at the area where wal-mart plans to open up shop and we'll talk with some of the council memberr who vote the for it and why they think he it will actually be a boost to the neighborhood.. live from city hall, fox 45 new at 5:30. thank you. public out cry of the body scans and pat downs at airports nationwide is a result of incident described by passengers as degrading. flight attendant who was a breast cancer survivor and has a prosthetic breast claims she was pulled into a room with female screeners where she was
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patted down and she says when the agent got to her right breast, the one where she had breast cancer surgery she was told to show them her prosthesis. >> they had told me that they had gotten a memo from the tsa saying that flight crew members were the ost obvious potential terrorists out ther there. >>reporter: well the tsa says screeners are not supposed to remove any prosthetic but they can ask to see and touch them. hundreds of people in one maryland neighborhood have been diagnosed with canner now doctors and scientist trying to determine if they werr exposed to cox ins used in biochemicallwar fare. the center of top secret military at thing for decades duuing the second world war there and of course the cold ar. now neighbors and former workers get sick and many blame the cancer on the chemical experiment they were all exposed to. >> they would do covert and nobody knew national they were spraying things in the
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atmosphere and then check it to see aboutthow dense it was and if anybody got sick. >>reporter: in our cover story tonight at 10:00 we investigatt the mysterious past contaminant resident came in contact with and their concern tonight. many justin bieber breaks record at american music award. who she thaaked for being his mentor come up in the low down. >> pretty nice conditions out there at this time for fall weather we are almost touching winter but we have [ rowe ] mike rowe here, no no up here, there you go.
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>> big opening weekend for the harry potter franchise. >> breaking record at the american music award and the new dvd release. you are busy. >> it is. a lieutenant going on in hollywood that's for sure. harry potter did cast a spell on audience earning the biggest box office record yet. >> have you lost your way. come. we have saved you a seat. eporter: the latest harry
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that include a fran chaa high midnight opening of 24 million dollars. this is the first part of the epic finale. second part and final movie is in theaters in july of 2011. >> now in home video black friday is just a few days away and if looking for a good stocking stuff -- >> woman goes and decide take a year off from work and travels he world to italy, india and finds inner peace and balance true love. if looking for a gift for the man in your life dead wood complete series being released on blue ray and emmy winning hbo series now in high definition. and in music news news, teen heartthrob justin bieber broke a record at the
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music award. he became the youngest recipient of the artist of the year award. just one of 4 trophies won last night. he opted to shine in with usher who had a big immact on him. >> he was the only writer invite him up here to share with me. not only my mentor but my best friend and my big brother i love you man. >>reporter: other nominee included eminem, indicatey and lady gaga. that's the low down. >> so happy for just continue. >> i was ecstatic. vytas even more. he's daning as we speak. nice warm day we had all day today. >> yes. looks like we deffnitely saw a beautiful day out there to dance or whatever you like to do. we talk about what is going on out there. looks like we have white conditions out there and continue to see few clouds scattered across the area. 61
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degrees winds out of the south at 3. humidity levels at 60 percent. high topped out at 65. very comfortable afternoon. normally we should be at 54 and what a great day to get out and enjoy. all the nice weather. now we have a change coming on the satellite radar not much right now just a few high thin clouds but potential ffr fog once we get to night and mild air in place we see a system pushing in from the west. high pressure keeping us dry and helping bring up the mild air from the south. warm front extending to the north where showers associated with that over part of new york state and ontario, ontario, canada and michigan and low over the great lakes and cold front strong cold front firing off the atmosphere over towards parts of central michigan, illinois and tornado watches and warnings back there associated with the front a it comes in contact with that mild air. spring like weather as the front continuus to travel off to the east and will kind of
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break once it get into the mid atlantic and tu and travel plans maybe clouds and light showers pottntially but looks like this will push off to the east by wednesday and big travel day. we get better conditions for the mid atlantic but another system that is going to be building up out of the south for ├║hursday. mainly thursday and friday to give us a chan for some rain. that's our neck chance of precipitation across the region. here's what it looks like for tonight. temperature right around 51 degrees. cool night then for tomorrow looking at the temperatures right at 66 degrees in there it is. trying to get away. looks like we see maybe a chance for some showers late but looks like l some sun micked in the picture and peak ahead at the forecast and 50 deerees and 50% chan for showers and no thunderstorms just some rain positive continuingally aco the area. complete 7 day forecast right now for you coming up in a bit. >> sz.
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>> expect taibing taition as high for the ravens this season the fan basis going to be hard to satisfy. sunday game against the paathers in charlotte is a good case in point. ravens took a 37-13 victory but agent misleading. 2 defensive touch downs in the fourth quarter to finally put away a game with a third string running back, rookie receiver and quarterback only practiced 4 times. the to say the least there is a by of angt to the victory and the coach says that's to be expected. >> we are still looking for the dominant game. i think we are all disappointed we didn't plaa a dominant game but happy with the win. take the victory where they come within the game. but by no mean are we satisfied, you know, with tte way we play. i think that's the same in the atlanta game and samm thing in a loss as you can say in a win. so
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many things we can do bet. to be the team we need to be but we are still searching for that dominant performance. >> and here reminder. see the ravens next game right here on fox 45. true. ravens host the resurge interest buck neaa on unday. both teams 7 and 3 and play off mplication on the line. buck and ravens this sunday only on fox 45. join me tonight at the winds or mill road in baltimore county for the coors light silver spotlight. rookie defensive tackle arrhur jones. taping at 7:30. so be sure to get there early and wear the old purple and black on winds r mill road. second coaching change of the year in the nfl. mvp handed out and our play of the week all coming up tonight at 10:50 on sport unlimited. back to you. >> you are going everywhere. he's everywhere. >> he makes the rounds. that's right. >> vytas is back with anotherr-k
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forecass. >> yes. looks like we see some interesting condition. agent change coming our way. we saw nice temperatures ├║hroughout today. 66 degrees for tomorrow. on the mild side of things with few showers possible looking at 52 on wednesday and looks like we see some sun and rain moving in on wednesday night and thursday and showers up out of the south into friday. temperatures back to the 50's but boy will cool off quite a bit into the weekend. on saturday sunday and into monday 40 back in play on saturday and sunday but stay saturday and sunday but stay dry pretty much through the weekend which is


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